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How An IT Service Provider Can Streamline Your Businesses Security

How An IT Service Provider Can Streamline Your Businesses Security

Providing network security

Everyday we see how technology evolves. While the innovation of technology can boost productivity levels for your business, it will also introduce new threats to the security of your business.  Most businesses, in some form or fashion, deal with sensitive and confidential data. However, many of these same businesses are either unequipped or unable to properly manage these new potential security threats. Whether it’s simply a lack of time or financial constraints, businesses are unable to adequately address the preventative measures that should be taken to keep their data safe and secure. This is where a Managed IT Service Provider (such as Snappy Computer) can greatly improve their situation.

Here are just a few of the ways that a Managed IT Service Provider can help streamline the security of your business:

1. Remote Monitoring.

The primary role of a managed IT service provider is to remotely monitor a businesses network, data, and activity. We can monitor the systems and actions that are being taken within the network of any business. This ongoing remote monitoring can play a significant role in preventing new threats or security issues before it’s too late and you experience an issue that can shutdown your business.

2. Vulnerability and Penetration Tests.

Another useful way that a managed IT service provider can help your business is through Vulnerability and Penetration Testing. The primary purpose of these types of tests are to identify any flaws or problems within the systems and software being used by a company. With these tests, everything is scanned to detect a wide variety of vulnerabilities or security attacks by hackers so that they can be fixed.

3. Network Perimeter Management.

A network perimeter is the secured boundary between the private and locally managed side of a network, often a company’s intranet, and the public facing side of a network, often the Internet (Barracuda).

Network perimeter management is designed to provide the maintenance of your IT processes as well as the software that is being used. More specifically, this consists of network firewalls, breach and intrusion detection, as well as the configuration of the settings needed to make sure your business is operating under the maximum amount of security protection.

4. Risk Assessment.

A network risk assessment is an assessment of the network(s) your business and employees use each day. The assessment helps identify what the risks are to your critical systems and sensitive data, by using risk assessment tools. Once these risks are known and identified, you can begin to organize your data by the weight of the risk associated with it.

5. Endpoint Security.

Endpoint security or endpoint protection is the protection of computer networks that are remotely bridged or accessed by client (user) devices. The connection of laptops, tablets, mobile phones, Internet-of-things devices, and other wireless devices to corporate networks creates attack paths for security threats.

The goal of Endpoint protection is to ensure that all of the devices follow a specific level of compliance to standards. It’s used to make sure that all the access points related to the network of a particular business are secure. If this feature is not used then businesses can never find out if any breach has been made to their system.

As a managed IT service provider, these are just some of the unique services that we provide to our clients.  Our team has the required skills and expertise to offer you the best services in order to make your business a success.

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