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Computer Hardware Repair

Computer Hardware Repair

Our technicians can set up your new computer and diagnose and repair any problems that arise.

Our Computer Services to Keep Your Computer Running Like New

We specialize in business level technology solutions for companies and individuals in the greater Memphis area. Snappy Computer is thoroughly dedicated to providing premium quality computer repair and support services both for commercial and residential customers with onsite services and remote repairs and maintenance.

Computer Repair Services

Computer Diagnosis and Repair
Is your computer or tablet broken. won't start, or running slow? No worries, just make a reservation online. Our repair experts at Snappy Computer will diagnose what's wrong and make all necessary repairs.
Virus and Spyware Removal
Computer programs running slowly? Seeing unwanted ads and pop-up windows? Your device may be infected with viruses or spyware. We have the expertise to get things running cleanly again.
Security And Data Recovery
It's scary to think important computer files and photos are just gone. We know how you're feeling and are here to help. Make an appointment online and we'll get to work recovering your data.
Desktop and Laptop Tuneup
A Snappy Computer tech will find and remove unnecessary software, optimize your web browser, perform operating system updates and/or upgrades, install security software, and make sure everything is running at peak performance.*

Setup and Installation Services

Wi-Fi Setup
Does your business need a unique wireless or wired network? Or maybe your current internet and streaming services are running slowly? We can diagnose issues and do what's necessary to give you a faster wireless network.
Software Installation & Email Setup
We can help you install and configure your software applications, activate your software, and install any critical updates. In addition, we can help you migrate, install, and/or setup corporate wide email services and individual accounts.
Data Backup / Transfer
We'll back up or transfer your data to single storage solution. In addition, we will set up a data backup schedule that fits your needs and ensure that your data is secure and maintains the same structure between local and backups solutions.
Computer Hardware Installation
Sit back and let Snappy Computer install, update, or repair your computer component. From hard drives and memory upgrades to optical drives, displays, graphics cards, printers, and scanners, we’ll make sure your hardware is working properly.

We can service and repair any computer brand.

Our computer repair services include desktop and laptop computers of all types and brands, particularly PC and Apple computers.

We speed up sluggish computers that run slow

Slow computers are frustrating and impact productivity. Our computer tune-ups will increase your computers performance.

Some FAQs you may have.

Your computer hardware is all the physical pieces that work together to make up your computers, networks, and more.

When one of these components glitches, malfunctions, or fails, Innovative Computers is your IT department. With the all skills, resources, and expertise, our team of professionals provides you with professional hardware repair services.

Often times, your repairs can be made on-site at your business or in home.

When you call or make an appointment online, we will ask you a few questions to determine whether your repair can be done onsite or if we need to bring your hardware into our offices.

The Memphis areas leading provider of business and residential solutions for managed IT services, cyber security, data protection, computer hardware, and mobile device repair.