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    For over 19 years, we have provided IT Services for business and residential
    customers in the greater Memphis area.
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    We are IT experts in software and hardware
    for dentists and medical providers.
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    Whether you are an Attorney or some other professional organization requiring IT Services.
    We provide excellent customer service - You will our services!
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    We provide service for all of your hardware and software needs.
    From cell phone, computer and laptop repairs, to full scale IT Server and Network infrastructure.
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    We our Visitors
    5786 Stage Road
    Bartlett, TN 38134

We specialize in Healthcare

If you are a medical or health care service provider you will love our passion for your profession. For over 19 years, we have specialized in providing reliable IT systems for doctors, dentists and veterinarians. We fully understand the needs and challenges of your practice and how to achieve and maintain compliance and cost effectiveness.

We take care of your Network

If your business depends on a reliable computer network, then let us take care of your laptop, server and workstation infrastructure. We are a team of certified professionals who know how to "make IT work" so you can take care of your business without headache or interruptions.

Broken? We fix it!

Your device doesn't do what it's supposed to? We will fix it!
No matter whether it's your cell phone, laptop, computer, server, workstation, portable device or virus removal - we will fix it for you. Just call us or drop by our store on 5786 Stage Road, Bartlett, TN.

Is your Website HIPAA Compliant?

Do you have a website with a contact form? What happens if a patient fills out the form? If you or your business is a covered entity under HIPAA, then your website might be a part of your compliance challenge. We help you to mitigate risks and achieve compliance so you can avoid hefty fines.

What we can do for your practice

We have over 19 years experience in servicing the entire IT infrastructure of health care providers including medical and dental practices and veterinary clinics. From building and maintaining the local network, workstations and servers to providing wide support for a large number of specialist software.

We have helped hundreds of medical and dental offices with their IT requirements.

We are fluent in the most popular medical, dental and veterinarian software systems, like: Eaglesoft ®, Dentrix®, Easy Dental®, WinOMS®, Softdent®, Dexis®, Carestream/Kodak®, Gemms ONE®, Medisoft®, Medical Manager®, Practice Fusion® and many more.

And in case your patients have four paws, we also provide sales, setup and support for: Impromed Infinity®, Intravet® and V-Tech

Snappy Computer will advise you on how best to implement technology in your business.

Snappy Computer uses a proactive approach to managing IT which allows us to act on potential network problems before they become a major issue. This provides you with more network uptime, greater productivity and the ability to relax and focus on your business.

Helpdesk Support, Real-time technical remote support over the phone and internet.

HIPAA Complaint email and website solutions

Risk assessment and mitigation is a time consuming and not easy to understand task - We have helped many practices reach compliance by providing 3rd party audits, reviews of the implemented software and hardware infrastructure and helping to fix issues before they become a challenge.

If you are unsure if your website, email or IT system is fully HIPAA compliant, please contact us for a free compliance check-up.

Snappy Computer On Air

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Some of our Clients

Meet Our Team

We meet and get to know you. You tell us and we listen.

  • Tory Bennett

    / Founder & CEO

    Tory is the "Dr. House" of computer problems. No one understands better that listening to the customer is key to diagnosing and solving the problem at hand. Oh, and he loves to solve problems - be it with computers, office networks or while grabbing the wrench and getting dirty with his classic car collection on the weekends.

  • Brian Heard

    / Chief Problem Solver

    Brian is our business manager and a true team leader with just one goal in mind: Get it right the first time. And he means it. Add to this that his favorite movie is "Die Hard" and you know, he'll walk barefoot on broken glass, just to make our customers happy.

  • Joe Rapp

    / Amazing Allrounder

    I have been married for 22 years and I am the only one in my family to graduate from college with a degree in business administration. I have had over 25 years in customer relations and I really enjoy my work.

  • Curtis Raley

    / The Quick & Smart Guy

    Curtis is the sticky glue that keeps all the things together - he is smart, quick and loves to deal with customers. Snappy wouldn't be the same without him.


Years in Business


Clients helped


Doctors & Dentists


Networks Managed

  • Dr. Shirley Leech

    Clinical Psychologist, Memphis

    Tory connected all of our offices, hooked up our Internet, and installed a special billing system. He built a computer for me 12 years ago that’s still working at home. He also developed a wonderful website for me. I have a long form that my patients need to fill out, and now patients can download it. I can’t praise Tory enough.

  • Jill Featherstone

    Hillcrest Animal Hospital, Bartlett

    We’ve been pleased with how they have helped us. We were recently victim to a large malware attack and our website went down. They came out that same afternoon to get our website up and going.

  • David Webb

    Sonlight Studios, Memphis

    Tory and his team are the best. I use one computer company for everything. You can buy a mop online, but with computers you need people to hold your hand, whether you’re buying a laptop for your daughter or a computer for your business. They are there for you answering questions and making everything work. They do a fabulous job.

Contact Us

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  • 5786 Stage Road, Bartlett, TN 38134
  • 901-385-9004
  • 901-881-6859
  • help@snappycomputer.com
  • www.snappycomputer.com

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